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Cheats and Tricks You Must Know if You Play Subway Surfer!

Subway Surfer is considered to be the best Android and iOS game and no doubt, it is! This single person running game is highly addictive so if you’re going to let your child play this game, think twice before downloading. But overall, it gives the best experience. I like the thing that it literally makes your reflexes strong and fast as the game gets faster and faster when you play it continuously.

Overall Review:

As mentioned before, it’s the best game and highly addictive! You run on railway lines and pass the different obstacle. One policeman and his dog are always there to catch you on spot. The game slowly gets faster and the speed of upcoming obstacle gets faster as you go further and further.

Some Basic Tricks:

If you’re new on this game, you must collect Mystery Boxes. These mystery boxes contain multiple items including coins and tokens. When your game is on the peak that means the upcoming obstacles are coming faster, then you may have noticed, if you’re a beginner, that you’re jumping too often and it goes too far. This can increase the probability of hitting. Keep in mind that whenever you jump, just swipe down quickly when you think it’s time to set down.

Some Important Tricks:

Now, we must include some real sense cheats that actually works. I have researched and found that there are many websites that provide you some silly tricks and I think, most of them doesn’t actually work.

The most common and effective trick is the Time-Travel. All you have to do is to set your device’s date according to the date of a specific event. Suppose, if you want to have Nick and Flamingo, then you must set the time when it was launched or when it was available (it was actually available on May 30, 2013).

There are some apk files of Subway Surfer but that are not recommended because they may have some defects and many developers, sometimes, use those apk files to get direct access to your device. So, be aware of such scams. Only downloads apk files from
Always run on the top! Use trains’ roof to get a better view of upcoming objects but be aware of your jumps. You must jump at the perfect time otherwise, you can fall and hit with any object. Especially, power-ups can be seen easily from an upper view.

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