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Clash of Clans Awesome New Tips and Tricks for Beginners!

Clash of Clans is one of the most downloaded game that deals with your quick reflexes and a perfect strategy. It’s a kind of strategic game that actually reflects some features of Age of Empire and Stronghold Crusader. Both of these mentioned games are for PC but Clash of Clans has some thrilling features that can beat both these PC games.

Clash of Clans was launched both for Android and iOS. So, you don’t have to worry about your device but it is recommended that you play it on a little bit powerful devices. Just like other apps, Clash of Clans also have some in-app purchases. These in-app purchases start from $4.99 and they end up to $99.99. Well, you definitely get extra features and other unlocks that will further be used in the game by getting in-app purchases.

1.Build Strong and Better!

You can’t just make your army and attack on the opponent. You must build your strong and better Clash of Clans Base. Also, you must manage to put things in such a way that they can easily and efficiently be protected. All you have to do is to make your base strong and effective so that it can be protected from the outsiders.

2.Use Shields Wisely!

In the beginning, you get a shield that lasts for 3 days. This shield is provided to you so that you can build your base with great management. Use this time wisely because this time isn’t going to last forever.

3.Free Gems in Clash of Clans

Always try to collect Clash of Clans Gems and according to a source, you can get up to 3,715 gems in total from the total trophies. You can also get these gems by completing some obstacles or gaining any type of achievement.

4.Avoid upgrading town halls

Don’t just immediately upgrade your town halls in Clash of Clans. You will receive lower loot and if you evade any enemy, you’ll get a lower amount of loot if you’re at level 10 (compared to the situation of level 5). At level 5, you’ll receive higher loot as compared to that of level 10.

5.Don’t trust any hacker!

There are many websites that offer you the service of hacking Clash of Clans server but in reality, there’s no such thing. No one can easily get access in Clash of Clans server and there’s much software that says that they’ll hack clash of clans server for you. But as I told you before, don’t give them your personal information as it can have some serious consequences. Your account of Clash of Clans may also get blocked.

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