Some Secret Tips and Tricks of Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most played game of all times. It contains the most favorite players of Clash of Clans. It actually covers the multiplayer mode of gaming that is actually played against a real human, not a computer itself! The feelings are extremely awesome when you beat your opponent and destroy their three Crown Towers.

In order to completely destroy your opponent, you must have to destroy all thee crown towers. After defeating your opponent, you are supposed to collect the fallen crowns, war chests, and the trophies.We are here to let you know some of the most important tips and tricks for you if you’re a beginner. So, let’s gets started without any delay!

1.Attack in Pairs

It is not an effective strategy to send your troops of only one type. In the beginning, you might have sent only one type of troop for encounter, but when you’ll play it for a long time and as you’ll level up, you will notice that sending one type troop at a time isn’t a good idea. For a better and effective attack, you must send two or three different types pf troops in one go. Now, it depends on you that how you combine more than two troops. The combination of troops literally depends on the effectiveness of your attack.

2.Best Pair for you!

For instance, you can send Giant along with the Baby Dragon. The Giant will engage the troops on ground and in a meanwhile, your Baby Dragon will provide an air support from above. In that way, you can effectively make your encounter a successful attempt.

3.Wait or Do It!

If your opponent looks tough, you must not try to engage him initially. Wait for his first move. Observe his first move and make a possible strategy for the defense or for the attack. Contrarily, if your opponent looks weak, then you can send your troops in first go to eliminate him before he make a solid defense.
So, these were some simple but effective tips that can win you a victory if you’re a beginner. You can have a better start if you follow these steps!

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