Top 4 Most Addictive Games

The gaming has turned to be an essential part of everyone’s life. Even from a child to young, a young to an old, everyone is addicted to gaming. The evolution of technology made great opportunities to provide fun and excitement and gaming is one of these opportunities. Gaming has evolved so rapidly that a large portion of the world’s population has turned towards it due to its versatility. Among several hundred mobile games, I have managed to pick the most addictive ones for you that are played worldwide till now.

1. Tetris
Tetris belongs to the most played game in the history of gaming. It was a tile matching puzzle game programmed in 1980s in Russia. People have become so addicted that it managed to get ranked#1 in the category of most played game of all times. In the game, the random shapes appear coming down towards the bottom. On the way, each shape must be rotated and allowed to fit inside the preplaced shape. If the horizontal line gets completed, the whole line gets vanished and score increases. Try not to reach the top if you want to survive.

2. Vector
Vector was developed in 2010 by Nekki studios. It is an action based arcade and free runner game in which our hero wants to free himself from a uncomfortably bound system of job. He wants to do something interesting. Thus, his ninja and free running skills make him run away from the job. We must help him run away on the roof tops by jumping climbing and sliding. The game is full of excitement and action lovers are very much addicted to Vector.

3. Don’t Touch The Spikes
You may be aware of Flappy Bird, but this game is slightly different from it. A flappy bird is bound within a screen limits along with randomly appearing spikes across the screen border. We must make it eat the food by avoiding the contacts with the spikes otherwise the game is over. The game has managed to attract a lot of attention of android gamers towards itself.

4. Color Switch
Color switch was developed by Pokki. The game comprises of a small ball that continuously switches its color as the game progresses. On the way, the ball must cross the rotating obstacles arriving in the form of different shapes and colors. The ball must take a cunning time and swift taps to cross the obstacle when its color matches the hue. The game gets more complicated as it progresses. More the distance, more the points. The game is full of fun and colorful, thus attracted a lot of attention of mobile gamers.

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