Top 4 Mind Games that You Must Play

Mind games are one of the most downloaded games on Google Play. The reason behind this fact is that people love to test their mind. The mind is actually a puzzle that can solve almost all the puzzles. Many developers have made multiple mind games so that you can test your intelligence. Moreover, if we see this whole thing through a developer’s perspective, people are more inclined towards their intelligence. Everyone wants to show others how intelligent they are. So, these mind games are the best way to prove that! We are here to let you know some of the most effective and mind blowing mind games that you must try at once. So, let’s get started!

Personally speaking, when I downloaded this app, I didn’t get the idea of what I am supposed to do with these numbers. Then, later on, I realized that the bigger number must be made in order to make the highest possible score. All you have to do is to swipe the digits and match either vertically or horizontally two identical digits to make a bigger one. Two numbers are added and the sum of them is shown on one box. The boxes with same numbers must be added to make a bigger number. Your high score increases on the top right corner of the screen which you can see live!

This puzzle game actually tests your intelligence and ability of investigation. You have to figure out when, who and how was the murder committed in the given scenario. You have to use your mind and some common sense to successfully complete the objective. It costs you $3.99 and surprisingly, the app doesn’t contain any in-app purchases.

3.Cut the Rope Franchise
Cut the Rope is one of the most addictive games and also, it’s the best puzzle game as well. You have to make an estimation of when to cut the rope so that this little thingy meets his candy. All the candies must be collected by this character to complete the level with full stars. This app contains some in-app purchases however, it’s free to download.

Prune can be downloaded from Google Play Store in $3.99. It actually features a tree that you grow. All you have to do is to grow it in such a way that it reaches the light. The growing process is controlled by shearing the trees so that it only grow in a specific manner.
So, these were some of the most popular mind games that you must give a try at once!

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